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Much has been written and mostly guessed regarding the occurrence of overshadowing of historical spiritual teachers by Ascended Masters. So, how does overshadowing work? Firstly, we must clarify that time is not linear in spirit realms. It is only linear on the Earth plane. Ascended Masters who work through channels located on the Earth plane in incarnations have already completely Ascended in terms of raising their vibration. In short, these Ascended Masters are the future, finished versions of a soul. Now, we are still part-way through the journey in a linear sense of that same soul journey. This means that Ascended Masters can be incarnated on Earth right now and they are part of the way to being their finished version. Confused? O.k. Let me put it this way. Think of the Ascended Master in spirit as being the fully finished character in a feature film. The incarnated version of the same soul would be the script version of the same character. A work in progress. O.k. now imagine the Ascended Master character guiding and communicating with and through the script version of themselves backwards through linear time. That’s overshadowing. Other scripted characters can also choose to be students of the Ascended Master, the level of which depends on their level of consciousness. What are the implications of all this? Those Masters who continue to reincarnate are going through a process of trial and error themselves, because they still have much to learn. The further they evolve, the further their teachings evolve from incarnation to incarnation.

Scott Parkinson. 2010.